What You Need to Know About Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are large metallic cuboids made of sturdy, weather-resistant steel and aluminum, as shown in the video. They come in different versions, each serving a particular purpose. Here’s more about these types:

1. Standard Dry Containers

Dry containers are the most popular, coming in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft sizes. The containers are used globally to transport dry goods such as equipment, electronic devices, etc.

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2. Refrigerated Containers

These are common in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Their sides are installed with refrigerators, providing a cooling system for perishable goods, including food, flowers, medicine, and liquids.

3. Flat Rack Containers

Such containers have collapsible sides, a needed feature for transporting heavy-duty goods. As such, they are custom storage containers used to ship cars, yachts, and other big equipment.

4. Open-side Containers

These are custom storage containers ideal for transporting crops. Open-side containers have more space than regular containers because the side is completely opened. Hence, they can carry crops or seedlings, allowing maximum air circulation and sunlight.

5. Open-top Containers

With such containers, there is no height limit for the goods in transit. Their open-top allows for tall equipment, machinery, and goods.


A custom storage container is tailored to different purposes. Depending on the purpose and length of the transportation, these containers will be aligned to sustain the freight’s quality. Even so, each of these types is versatile. Open-side, open-top, and refrigerated containers can be used to ship perishable goods, food, or liquids.


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