10 Great Examples of Awesome Things to Collect

We are a nation of avid collectors. Whether we started as young children collecting shells on a local beach or have graduated to the finer things in life like vintage kitchenware, collecting certain items helps us to develop a keen sense of passion and work to keep our inner child alive. As such, this article will list an array of awesome things to collect so that you can kickstart a brand-new hobby.

1. Coins

Collectible coins can be very valuable, making them a key example of awesome things to collect. Not only are certain commemorative coins very attractive and well-designed, but they can often be seen as quite elusive. Therefore, if you manage to get your hands on a particularly rare coin, you could potentially sell it for much more than you initially paid for it. If you’re keen to learn more about the value of these lucrative assets, you’re advised to invest in a few numismatic coins. These usually have a higher value than gold, particularly because they are much rarer and older than the substance. In turn, this is a fantastic item for those who want to collect a key part of history, whilst still managing to gain a high return on their investment. Despite their rarity, these coins come in a collection of different styles, so a good rule of thumb is to purchase a numismatic coin that contains a certain date or symbol. Plus, since these coins can be quite hard to find in modern circulation, experts claim that you should only purchase these items from reputable dealers to ensure that you can buy a legitimate product.

2. Lego Sets

Lego is a fundamental part of many people’s childhoods and is still considered to be one of the most iconic toy brands in the world. In fact, Tech Jury informs us that every person on the planet owns an average of 86 bricks. Although these colorful bricks may seem over-saturated or mass-produced, some of these sets are worth tons of money. But, aside from their high resell value, a lot of collectors enjoy these sets because they can easily transport them back to a childhood sense of wonder. Thus, Lego sets are awesome things to collect if you’re eager to end a busy day at the office by building your own little world from a series of tiny plastic bricks. But, with so many sets to choose from, it can be hard to find a product that best adheres to the needs of your budget and lifestyle. In addition, it’s important that you select sets that suit your skill level, as, although it can be tempting to spend countless hours researching self erecting tower cranes for sale, these sets might be a bit much for beginners. Moreover, it’s important to note that even though some of these sets are associated with astonishingly high price tags, they tend to hold on to their value for many years. For example, Tom Alphin explains that used Lego sets in good condition can be worth 50% to 75% of their original retail value.

3. Tools

Though we commonly view tools as solely practical items rather than awesome things to collect, they can be a desirable asset for those who want to collect something a little more nuanced. However, many tool collectors don’t just display their prized possessions on a shelf to collect dust, they use them to better their skills and attract more clients in their respective sectors. Platforms such as Getbiddi.com allow contractors to track their profits, analyze their most popular demographics, and optimize their schedules. Thus, alongside their trusty tool kit, these workers can grow their businesses from strength to strength. If you want to become an avid tool collector, you may benefit more from picking up some vintage items at your local garage sale or flea market. Although you may not be able to use them on a regular basis, it can sometimes be quite fun to see how contractors would implement these tools in their own working lives back in the day. Family Handyman goes on to note that a traditional Norris Jointer Plane sold for a staggering $12,250 at auction, so try to keep your eye out for stuff like this if you want to make some big bucks for yourself.

4. Model Cars

Model cars are probably one of the most favored examples of awesome things to collect and for good reason. These tiny replicas come in an array of different styles, so whether you want to pick up a copy of your first car or a much sportier vessel, you’re bound to find something to appease your needs. In addition, since these cars are so easy to come by, you can move your dream car around a vast racecourse without having to go through the hardships of completing an 8 hour driver improvement course. It should be mentioned that model cars are still popular to this day and are still being produced on a widespread scale. As such, if you’re interested in purchasing cars that offer a tremendous ROI, you should consider buying older versions of these models. An interesting thing about this industry is that some manufacturers create smaller-scale replicas of some of the world’s most expensive cars, both of which have the same value. For example, Colletibles Insurance Services notes that the 1:8 scale Lamborghini Aventador still manages to uphold a lucrative $6 million price tag.

5. Model Trains

If cars aren’t really your thing, model trains are also another case of awesome things to collect. These trains are often accompanied by matching tracks, ensuring that you can guide these vehicles through a quaint village, all whilst keeping their tiny size. These trains are also incredibly detailed, showcasing a range of hidden assets such as logos, watermarks, and manufacturing dates. These characteristics make it a lot easier to complete an entire set or to find trains that hold the most value. For those who are eager to make their collecting hobby a bit more sociable, a lot of model train enthusiasts attend regular meetings to discuss everything there is to know about this entertaining niche. Thus, this is a perfect opportunity for those who want to share a ton of tips and tricks like the best type of paint protection film to use or how to care for these models for many years to come. Invaluable highlights that if you’re keen to purchase trains that are worth a ton of money, you should focus on Pre-War Lionel Trains as some of these assets can be worth up to thousands of dollars.

6. Signed Baseballs

Whether you spent your childhood in the nosebleed seats of your local stadium or battling against your friends in an intense speed pitch game, baseball is a prominent sport that has managed to capture the hearts and minds of millions. If you were lucky enough to become face-to-face with your favorite sports star, you probably nervously begged them to sign your humble baseball. Although these balls are considered to be a prized possession for many avid fans, and they would never think about parting from them, many other people simply view them as nothing more than awesome things to collect. But, if you’re intent on developing your collection of signed baseballs, it’s important that you stay away from fakes and bogus items. As such, experts suggest that you only buy items that come with a certificate of authenticity and keep an eye out for signs of a printed signature. Obviously, the value of these assets depends on who signed them, and the more famous the player, the more money the ball can raise at auction. Fan Arch explains that a single signed baseball usually earns around a few hundred dollars, but if it contains a collection of sought-after names it can be worth thousands.

7. Bows

Bows have been used for centuries and are actually seen as a very versatile piece of equipment. From hunting to combat, these items are used by people all around the world to shoot sharp arrows across a multitude of lengthy distances. But, it’s not just the bows that are seen as awesome things to collect. Compound bow broadheads are a collection of blades that are placed together to create an exceptionally sharp focal point. Therefore, these are a fantastic accompaniment for hunting as they allow the shooter to get a more precise chance of hitting their desired target. Even though these arrows are a prime example of excellent design and machinery, they’re actually quite affordable. Field & Stream states that a pair of Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC will set you back $40, making this a cost-effective investment for those who want to give their hunting game a new lease on life.

8. Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are a great thing to pick up after a fun family day out as they are a simple and cheap item that you can easily slip into a backpack and get on with the rest of your day. So, the next time you embark on some exciting Zion National Park UTV Tours, consider picking up a quirky little magnet as you exit via the gift shop. One of the reasons fridge magnets are seen as awesome things to collect is that they are very easy to store and display. Therefore, gone are the days when you had to shove your most cherished items into a cabinet or spend your weekends trying to dust them. Instead, you can simply attach these items to your fridge and gaze at them every time you grab a bite to eat. Since these items can be found almost anywhere, the majority of them aren’t worth much. But, a lot of them hold a ton of sentimental value, which, for some avid collectors, is worth a lot more than money.

9. Baby Teeth

Although it would be extremely weird for them to collect anyone else’s teeth, a lot of parents see a lot of value in their children’s baby teeth. These tiny gems evoke fond memories of waiting for the tooth fairy to deliver our monetary treat or toothless smiles at old family events. Thus, although they may be worthless to others, baby teeth are a fantastic example of awesome things to collect for devoted parents. Yet, if you’re keen to get your hands on something quite bizarre, you could ask if you could hold on to your old extracted tooth whilst waiting for a replacement tooth. Admittedly, the dentist may give you a bit of a crude look, but it could be seen as a cool thing to collect, particularly if you want something to remind you of your bravery during this difficult procedure. Moreover, since a tooth replacement procedure can sometimes set you back up to $2,000 per implant, getting a souvenir to take home can take the stress out of such a hefty price tag.

10. Business Cards

Surprisingly, business cards are seen as an example of awesome things to collect, particularly for those who want to expand their networking abilities. Moreover, some of these cards follow a very vintage and timeless style, reminding collectors of how businesses used to market their services back in the day. As such, the next time you collaborate with a local plumber or discuss your living situation with a team of family law attorneys, consider picking up a few of their business cards to add to your collection. Luxury Printing explains that some corporations allow businesses to add diamonds to their cards, which can cost an astounding $153,000 per 100 cards. Thus, if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your own business, this is a viable option for those who aren’t afraid to splash the cash.

Finding examples of awesome things to collect can be an arduous task, especially since there are so many options to choose from. But, luckily, it seems that there is an option for just about any type of preference and budget. Therefore, if you’re eager to start a new collecting hobby, be sure to follow the advice and guidance listed throughout this article.

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