Important Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents

This video is about buying a house and the questions you should ask your real estate agent. It’s vital to interview different agents before you choose one. You’ll find ten questions to ask them to help you pick the best one. Examples include how long have you been doing this whole real estate thing? Experience is important, but you don’t necessarily need the most seasoned agent.

Why did you even get into real estate in the first place? Knowing their reasons can help you get a feel of their personality and work ethic. How many clients do you have right now? You want an agent who has time for you but also one who is successful and has a system in place.

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Will I be working with you directly or with your team? Teams can be efficient, but make sure you know who your main point of contact will be. What area do you mostly do business in? Your agent should be familiar with the area you’re looking in. What makes you different from all the other real estate agents out there? Every agent should have something special that sets them apart.

How do your fees work? Make sure you understand the commission structure and any other fees upfront. After I tell you about what I’m looking for, what do you think is the best way to move forward? Your agent should have a plan to help you find the right property.


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