Cities are always changing. Pick a city anywhere in the world. Do you think it looked like that fifty years ago? Twenty? No, because like its people, cities are always changing, even if they’re much older than anyone who’s lived in them.

This Old City celebrates the city life and the fast lane. Instead of romanticizing the country, we look towards anything urban and how it reflects our American culture. You’ll find news about various cities, think pieces that will help you decide on how you live, and tips and reviews on what you can do to make your city living better.


Katherine Martinez

Katherine is a veteran real estate broker, experienced in helping buyers and sellers in the city find their perfect home or a buyer for the right price. Born and raised in her own city, Katherine believes her personal knowledge of the area allows her to find a place that’s right for her clients.

Katherine understands that each district of New York has a different type of community, and she believes it’s the same for other cities around the world. She hopes to write about the importance of communities and the people in the area and how buyers should consider as a factor for choosing the right home.

Ash De Marco

Ash is a freelance graphic designer with a portfolio spanning various kinds of drawings, ads, and other designs. On the weekends when he’s not working for his small to medium enterprise clients, he’s walking around the city, creating breathtaking photos that showcase the beauty of modern architecture.

While Ash believes in modernization, he also believes in respecting the past. He is strongly against corporations destructing old buildings and memorials in favor of capitalism.

Blue Anderson

Blue was born and raised in Manhattan and, true to his city and New Yorker style, claims he never sleeps. By day, he is a store clerk for a small craft shop at the edge of the city. By night, he is a free spirit that roams and explores everything the city has to offer culturally.

From Broadway to a simple hotdog stand at the corner, Blue has learned to enjoy the sights and sounds. He has a soft spot for struggling artists and people who use their talent and creativity to succeed. 

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