Stop the Bugging: Keeping Your Home Safe from Pest Infestations

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Keeping your home safe from pests is becoming increasingly important. Infestations from different types of rodents and bugs are expected to rise throughout the year. Not only can they cause damage to your household, but some can also be carriers of serious diseases.

There has been an increasing awareness among residents regarding the relationship between home and health. In light of the global pandemic, more people are investing in better and more sustainable technologies to mitigate the spread of infectious viruses.

However, illnesses can come from different sources. Pests, in particular, pose all kinds of threats to your family, and different types will also require specific solutions.

Pesky Situations

The previous year was definitely defined by the onslaught of various unfortunate circumstances that nobody came prepared for. From the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic to the worsening of natural disasters due to the climate crisis, it was surely one of the worst years in recent history.

However, there’s another prominent issue that’s also worth noting: the arrival of terrifying bugs. While the global pandemic is slowly nearing its end and more efforts are being made to address the climate crisis, this huge bug problem is expected to persist well into the year.

These are some pests to watch out for this year, as well as a few solutions on how to protect your house and your family from infestation.

Disease Carrying Blood-suckers

Leading entomologists have observed that the populations of different species of mosquitoes have been increasing over the years. The movement of the Aedes species, which usually carries the deadliest diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika virus, to new areas has been noticed. Significant behavioral changes have also been noted, which can be attributed to their progressive adaptation.

mosquitoSimply getting rid of any stagnant water, which is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, throughout your property can go a long way. Wearing EPA-approved insect repellents can also be helpful, especially for kids who spend a lot of time outside. For more serious issues, consider hiring effective mosquito control services to eliminate these pests from your home for good.

Unwanted Scavengers

Rodent populations have also been on the rise recently, particularly due to warmer winter seasons, which presents longer breeding seasons. Moreover, lockdowns in various areas have led rats to scavenge for food sources in other places. This has caused an increase in rodent sightings in suburban and rural areas. Most sightings have also been reported during the day, which is unusual for rodents.

To prevent any rodents from entering your home, make sure to repair any gaps you might have on your house’s exterior. Rats can make their way through almost anything hole or crack, so seal all openings like garage doors, windows, and even pipes properly. You could also hire an exterminator if you believe you already have a rodent infestation in your home.

Tiny Homewreckers

Termites have been known to cause extensive damage to homes if left unchecked. Over the past year, there has been a mass migration of people from densely populated city centers to rural suburbs. This trend is expected to persist well into the year as the demand for better living spaces increases, which also calls for better education on termites.

Consider studying the resources available to you regarding termite infestations. Increasing your awareness of these pests can help you save substantial amounts on costly repairs that your home might suffer in the future. You could also consult professional pest control services to determine if you have an infestation and the necessary steps to address the problem.

Deadly Pests

After more than a year of being cooped up in their own homes, people are looking to spend more time outdoors as the pandemic comes to an end. There is expected to be an increase in outdoor activities from hiking to al fresco dining in the backyard. However, more time outdoors can also make you more prone to more pests.

When going outside, always be on the lookout for any bugs that might pose a threat to your or your family. There were plenty of pests that captured headlines in the previous year, many of which are extremely venomous or poisonous. If you spot any dangerous bugs outdoors, contact a pest control professional to determine whether there is an infestation near or on your property.

Healthy and Pest-free

Pest infestations can often cause extensive damage to your home and your health. Just like with illnesses, prevention is also much better than cure in terms of pest control. Be prepared for infestations, especially as warmer weather sets in.

The increase in demand for healthier homes is understandably relevant, particularly in the wake of the global pandemic. However, having a healthy home in the post-pandemic world shouldn’t just entail better air quality and ventilation. It’s also important to take into consideration other threats to your household, like rodents and bugs.

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