What are the Ways to Have an Ecologically Sustainable Community?

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In the past, people have been inventing very useful ideas that benefited our ways of living. To do that, people have to use things that are available to them. As that progresses, people have become closer to each other because they know that working and living together is better.

But not every community is perfect and lives happily. Some of them are having a rough time because of the condition of the environment. Some even just don’t fit together and end up in conflict. Whatever the reason, people constantly adapt to the situation and always keep on surviving. Adaptation won’t come to reality when we can’t experience mistakes.

To have a very thriving community, the people must have all the necessary necessities to meet each individual’s needs. It can be materials, food, shelter, entertainment, transportation, and more. But in today’s situation, people have reached a time where communities have insufficient resources. Where nature can’t provide enough resources, now, this is when change must happen, and it must be done knowing that our future is still full of uncertainties.

Sustainable Energy

Today, our world is dependent on the development of technologies to acquire solutions to the problems existing in each community. Energy is an essential resource to have in today’s situation. People are now relying on energy so they can have access to electricity. To have sustainable energy, communities must use renewable energy so they cannot experience inadequate energy.

Examples of renewable energies are solar power, wind energy, geothermal heating, and biomass. Communities can use either of those things depending on if those things are fit to their environment. Not only does it give sustainable energy, but it also avoids the problems that can affect the environment.

Proper Disposal Must Be Practiced

It is common to see communities producing many wastes, but what isn’t good is that placing them anywhere can be bad for the community and the environment. Proper disposal is a must to have a clean and healthy community. Examples of preventing wastes from scattering around are recycling, reusing, and reducing. It is a fundamental principle, but it has a significant impact on the community. Speaking of wastes, we can also convert waste into energy by converting it into biomass energy.

Supporting Local

Eating local food is one way to promote a sustainable community. It not only lets you eat fresh and healthy food, but it can also help the community’s economy grow. It can support local businesses to help the economy and encourage people to produce more goods for the community. Besides the food being important, relationships and the mental health of each individual are also meaningful.

So putting public places such as community parks or public gardens can help people get to know each other and get closer. With people knowing every neighborhood, people will treat each other with respect and reduce the attempt to do illegal things such as robbery.


With vehicles aiding our way to get to our destination faster, it is also bad for our environment and the community’s health because of its pollution. People with authority must encourage drivers to reduce emissions on their vehicles and even refrain from using them if possible. Using bikes or walking can reduce pollution and make people’s lives healthier. 


Infrastructure is essential if we want to grow our economy and give people jobs. But a building alone can also produce pollution and limit our resources. There is a need for communities to have sustainable green development projects to improve the living condition. Using an air conditioner is a must in buildings to have a comfortable working environment. Energy-Efficient design for a building will help solve those problems. Designing green buildings and incorporating leadership that is for energy and environmental design is very beneficial.

Using available sources carefully and committing to the preservation of the ecological balance are two primary aims. By stopping environmental degeneration and laying great importance on ecological stability will help communities thrive. The purpose is to block resources from being overexploited.

We are the only ones that can change our future and make the world a better place. We must share the same goal, and that is to help each other and our surroundings. Being part of an ecosystem, we and other living things must have harmony to balance the world and avoid experiencing difficulties.

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