Center City Philadelphia is Pennsylvania's greenest developed area. Let's build more of it.

Center City District is one of our favorite Philadelphia organizations, and their annual State of Center City report is an urban policy wonk's dream, packed with awesome infographics by Abigail Saggi and the fascinating Philly factoids we crave.

This year's report is no exception, but let's be real here- most of you aren't going to make it through the whole thing, so we went ahead and pulled out the eight themes we think will be of greatest interest to our little corner of the Philly blogosphere. 


Part 1 of a 3 part series.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh would probably be inextricably linked together even if history hadn't lumped them together into the same state. As it stands, though, we have a lot more than an ugly blue flag and a bunch of corrupted mountebanks in Harrisburg in common. Both cities fell hard from the heights of their industrial power. And today, both are experiencing rebirths as centers of health care and education, and attracting young adults hand-over fist as leaders in the national urban renaissance, and heavily leveraging their legacy urban design and industrial assets to do it. There's certainly plenty of demand for cross-Pennsylvania travel.

So why is it so hard to get there from here?


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