The Price Is Wrong: $3 or $4, not $2.50

Back in 2009,  City Council raised parking meter rates from $1 an hour to $2 an hour, spurred on by Rina Cutler, the Deputy Mayor for Transportation, and then from $2 to $2.50 in 2011 only for Center City. Some people snarked that the city just wanted money, since this issue popped up during budget season.

But while it's true that the City and the School District split all the PPA's net revenue, and the 50 cent rate increase for Center City did end up netting about $4 million more over the previous year's take, Cutler had a very good policy reason to support the meter rate hike - cutting the traffic caused by motorists circling for parking spaces, and clearing the streets for buses and delivery trucks.

Cutler told Melissa Dribben that the rate increase was supposed to free up some more vacant curb spaces, and nudge people who plan to be around for "longer than an hour or two" to park in a garage:

Philly Gentrification: Not Really a Thing

The term gentrification is annoying to the extreme because it's so hazily defined. While some people use it correctly, others are far too quick to call gentrification on any new amenities. 

"That new coffee shop is gentrifying the neighborhood," or "I didn't throw my Arctic Splash container on the street, I'm gentrifying the neighborhood."


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