Historic Preservation


Late last week news broke that the former Frankford Chocolate Factory on the north side of Washington Ave once owned by the late Tran Dinh Truong is back on the market and looking for a buyer. This property has been in limbo for a number of years, as Tran Dinh Truong's personal life was anything but standard.

The unique nature of these homes is immediately apparent. So is the quality of the original construction: brick, steel, timber.

Walk down the 4200 block of Viola Street in West Philadelphia and you’ll notice some interesting balustrades on two of the historic Victorian row homes. One has no balustrade at all, and the other balustrade is constructed from 2x4s. Habitat for Humanity’s Cassie O’Connel wants you to know that this will change. “There’s going to be a huge difference,” O’Connell said. “Two homes, side-by-side with all new balustrades and painted historic colors. I think some of the after photos will be very impressive.”

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