Bike Policy

Stephen Buckley from Philly bringing half-hearted bike infra to a Canadian city near you!

We at This Old City often look for inspiration from other cities and countries when considering urban planning interventions and more progressive forms of infrastructure. Such was the case in a recent post I did about converting the Spruce and Pine Street bike lanes installed 6 years ago to protected bike lanes. In that post I took some examples from Toronto, where planters were used protect lanes from drivers and increase cycling rates. Unfortunately for Canadian cyclists, those planters were intended for other users of the street.

bikes on the left, cars on the right

A few weeks ago I lamented that our neighbor cities of New York and DC both had protected bike lanes but that Philadelphia did not. I was mistaken. We do have a well-designed protected bike lane and it's great! It's also less than a quarter mile long.

As part of continued investment down on the Delaware Riverfront, protected bike lanes were installed leading from the intersection of Spring Garden & Delaware Avenue to the corner of Penn & Ellen Streets just south of Sugar House Casino. These bike lanes are well marked and completely separated from vehicular traffic with landscaped berms. They are separated from pedestrians too with the clear use of a different material and abundant bike signage. Onward to the photos >>>


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