aggressive driving

Jekyll & Hyde When We Drive

Earlier this week Vox ran a great story overviewing the car lobby's creation of jaywalking, and how we as a society took the bait hook, line and sinker, transforming our public streets from dynamic public spaces full of commerce and life into traffic sewers. By prioritizing private car traffic over all others, we've inadvertently robbed our cities of one of their biggest assets, interesting streets we all want to spend time on. Slowly we've begun reclaiming those streets. Though Western Europe is arguably way ahead of us in this realm with Madrid closing off car traffic on many of its downtown streets and Paris soon to implement a car ban, Philadelphia is starting to catch on. We've seen the positive effects even a small intervention like the Grays Ferry Triangle can achieve, creating safe spaces for pedestrians and commerce.

Roosevelt Boulevard is super aggro

Since the Philadelphia real estate Internet has picked up on the Azavea map of PennDOT's 2008-2012 crash location data a few weeks late, this is a good day to publish the final map Daniel

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