The Morning Commute: March 5, 2015

Some well-maintained, beautiful cobblestone in Montréal

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1) Why folks aren't running for political office in Philly. Run people. Change happens when better people run.

2) Philly infrastructure investment, now on HBO.

3) More tech, younger tech, more investment coming to Philly.

4) Building trust through a reformed police force is a national goal but change is proving difficult at the ground level.

5) Municipal WiFi and why it failed in Philly.

6) "Free" SEPTA for Philly's many universities offers some key advantages for us. SEPTA Key could enable it.

7) Recap of the Next Great City Mayoral Forum from an environmental perspective. You can see the author off to the right in a grey fleece.

8) This is what environmental justice (the lack thereof) looks like.

9) Change is hard but good change, change worth making, is change that changes the mind of the people who used to oppose it so vehemently.

10) Architectural models are pretty rad, but what about a whole city? Here's one of New York that's pretty freakin' amazing.


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He is also Chair of The 5th Square PAC, an organization committed to voter education and the funding of progressive urbanist candidates for Philadelphia's future. 


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