The Morning Commute: July 1, 2014


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Good morning! This isn't this blog's focus, but do make it a priority to catch up on the PA budget news this morning. The state budget matters to everything we write about here because Philly's cut of the resources for things like education and transportation will determine whether and how our population keeps growing. 

1) On a party-line vote, Harrisburg Republicans cobbled together a piecemeal budget. John Micek says it'll have to be fixed down the road.

2) Patrick Kerkstra says the Governor is "mugging" Philly schools.

3) Lords of Land Use - terrible band name, awesome op-ed.

4) Is a site once slated for 700 homes appropriate for industrial rezoning?

5) The Sheriff's office - which is in charge of key real estate functions - is still a hot mess

6) The nicest bike share system in the United States?

7) Flagging casino economy in New Jersey doesn't phase developers in same oversaturated market

8) A little over half of Philly property owners saw their taxes go up after AVI. A little under half saw them go down.

9) Will the next Mayor keep the excellent Mayor's Office on Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) around?

10) Exciting: North Philly got the federal Choice Neighborhoods grant. We'll have more on this plan soon.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 01 July 2014 @ 09.39
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