The Morning Commute: April 13, 2015


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Good morning readers and thanks for checking in on This Old City. Here are your morning links:

1. "[I]t's landlords, not corporate overlords, who are sucking up the wealth in the economy."

2. Here's an important question, especially for Philly: "Can the design of a public place help people from different walks of life connect?"

3. Here's an interesting article and perspective of how public policy sees the problem of economic and racial segregation

4. How are transit agencies responding to transportation start-ups? By trying to take advantage of the same new technologies. 

5. City Council wants to reduce temporary parkers on residential streets by increasing valet parking at clubs and restaurants. 

6. City Council has been having meetings to discuss Philadelphia's role as an "energy hub." Yes, it creates some jobs. But it also creates toxic fumes constantly pumped into the air and breathed by hundreds of thousands of residents. Maybe we should try decreasing our dependence instead of taking advantage of it. 

7. One community's fight to save its sacred place and beautiful architecture... St. Laurentius in Fishtown.

8. The LOVE Park redesign work is quickly proceeding but is it being rushed? Saffron has a few worthwhile concerns to take into consideration.  

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