New Home, New Normal: Moving Somewhere Safely in the Pandemic

The pandemic’s disruption of daily processes is obvious when viewed from any perspective. Some are having trouble adjusting to the new normal, but everyone has to learn to live with COVID-19’s aftereffects on culture and society soon. That’s even when a vaccine is in the works.

Home shopping is bound to take a different look considering the restriction placed to stop the spread of the virus. Movers are reluctant to work with people, while renter activity has become a bit pale, at best. Although this is the case, the home market is expected to make a rebound, with preselling condos and other properties seen as hot items due to the expected price slashes that will happen.

While moving is always stressful, it is much more under the pandemic but not completely impossible. If you’re moving in 2020 and even 2021, here are a few tips on how to pull it off.

Wait it out if that’s possible

If you can, stay where you are and wait out the pandemic. You don’t have to move out quickly if you can stay where you are. According to estimates, 75% of moving companies have cancellations anyway, and it can be tricky if you push ahead with your moving plans.

If you’re feeling some symptoms of COVID-19, then you shouldn’t move as well. Consider getting a clean bill of health before moving. Workers won’t accommodate your requests if they know your condition, as they are also looking out for their own health, as well as those of their loved ones.

Estimates can be received virtually

During the pandemic, many processes have been moved digitally, which means you can get your estimates delivered online. Before the pandemic, moves had to visit the house to hand over an estimate and inspect the sizes of furniture to be moved or the layout of the place. Most of that can be done digitally now.

It’s done to keep distance between customers and professionals. Calls usually result in a walk-through of the entire place. You may also be asked for measurements of the furniture in question so that the company is prepared for any large furniture or spaces that may hinder their movements.

Get some new boxes

Pre-pandemic moving was a bit of a sustainable situation. You can use free, used boxes to move books or store any items. These were readily available from the local supermarket or your neighbors. During the pandemic, you may want to be warier about where your boxes come from, as there is the risk of catching the disease from contaminated ones.

Choose to buy new boxes rather than using old ones. It may be a bit of a hindrance, but the extra safety from COVID-19 that you get from choosing possibly disinfected products is priceless.

Go moving properly

Moving properly in the new normal means disinfecting everything, from the boxes to the furniture. Sometimes, disinfection may not be enough; you should also remember to wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself and others from catching the virus.

When you move, chances are you’ll have to walk or ride through public thoroughfares to get to your new flat or apartment. The movers will be wearing masks and gloves as part of the safety precautions as well. You should take after their example to ensure that everyone participating in the move is safe and secure.

Control what risks you can

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The risks will always be a part of the new normal in moving. You never know whether you or any of the movers are asymptomatic. That’s why if you can, postpone the move. But the risk levels are relatively low if you follow the safety protocols set by the authorities and the CDC.

There are some things that you can control, while others may be beyond that. Infectious disease specialists recommend that you focus on what you can control; remember to disinfect properly and wear masks and gloves whenever you can, especially when encountering other people.

Keep the air moving

Another pre-pandemic activity you used to do is stay outdoors as the movers unload your things or transport them to your new home. You cannot do that under new circumstances.

One thing you can do to supervise them is to stay in an area where the air circulates freely. Open the windows and doors in your new home or apartment as they place the items inside. After the moving is done, keep them open for a few more hours to let the air circulate.

If you need to move, remember these tips to avoid getting the infectious disease. COVID-19 may complicate things, but if you remember your safety protocols and combine them with these tips, you won’t have to worry much about becoming a statistic in the pandemic.

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