How to Deal with Your Kids’ Questions About the Bible

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It is natural for kids to be curious about the world that they live in. Now, they are exploring the many parts of your house. They are curious about the simplest things such as washing the dishes and watering the plants. Soon enough, they will start to question many of the things you tell them. Why should they brush their teeth? Why should they organize their toys? Then the questions will get tougher. What is God? Who is Jesus? Are the Bible stories true?

While you can make them participate in disciple-making movements, your answers are the ones they look forward to. You are their first disciples. You are their very first source of knowledge about religion, God, and the Bible. Whatever they will believe in about their faith in the future lies in what you tell them now and how you convince them of your truth.

Share What You Know

Even when your kids are yet to talk or comprehend a single word, read Bible stories to them. Let them grow up with the stories of faith, courage, hope, and love. Open up a whole new world for them through the Bible. Explain what the Bible is and who God is for you as a family. Don’t be afraid to share what you do know about the Bible with them. Never underestimate what your kids can understand. Regular Bible storytelling will build a strong foundation for their faith.

Be Honest About Your Inabilities

If you are unable to answer your kids’ questions, be honest to them about what you don’t understand. You don’t always need to have all the answers to their questions, but you have to be honest about how you also don’t understand some things. Tell them that you will take this journey of discovering with them. Your kids will love to know that you, too, are trying to figure out things like them.

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Find Good Resources

Of course, you cannot be ambiguous all the time. Search for resources that will help you answer their questions. There are plenty of guides and books written for those who are learning about the Bible. Read these books with your kids. These could also be the best gifts for them during birthdays and Christmas. While toys are fun and entertaining, opening their eyes to their faith will need to be prioritized.

Take Them to Bible Classes for Kids

Your Church and community organize regular Bible lessons for kids. While you must spend time with them learning about their faith, they need to socialize with other kids, too. They can role-play Bible stories with other kids. They can share the lessons that they have learned. They can apply these lessons to the way they play and mingle with kids of the same age.

It’s always a tricky journey to discover your own faith and beliefs. It will even be more challenging as your kids grow up to be independent people. They will try to question everything, including the very values you have instilled in them. Hopefully, if you’ve done your part enough, your kids will be on their way through becoming good disciples.

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