10 Gift Ideas for Your Best Girl Friend

We all love being remembered with gifts. The act of receiving a gift, especially when it’s been carefully thought out, melts even the coldest heart. The holidays are the perfect time to plan a surprise for the people we hold dear. Have you thought about gifting your best girlfriend? The one who’s been there through all the good and the bad? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Cosmetic Treatment Gift Certificate

Thinking about getting your best friend a memorable experience? Invest in a luxury spa for them. Check online for available options in your locality, keeping what your girlfriend fancies in mind.

The various cosmetic treatments and skincare services are priced differently. Budget carefully and gift her with an open certificate that allows her to explore different premium skincare treatment services. Gift cards can cost anything from a few bucks to thousands of dollars.

Have you been listening keenly as your bestie dreams aloud about her cosmetic wishes? This is the opportunity to help make them a reality. With an open certificate, your lucky recipient can indulge in laser hair removal treatment, facials, or their choice of plastic surgery treatment, including botox.

She may also choose to go for a relaxing massage, spa treatment, and other experiences that will make their glam goals come true. With a spa gift card, they can choose which spa outlet to spend their self-care day at. The best part is that she can use the gift card in installments, spreading the balance over time. This gift will make your friend feel loved and appreciated. It’s a cashless message to your friend that she can prioritize their wellness after a long and busy year.

2. Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is a unique gift idea, especially when customized to your girlfriend’s personality. Shop around for a jeweler who can create something special for you. It can be a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or ring.

Your jewelry designer will create custom pieces depending on your instructions. You may think of inscribing their names on the jewelry to make it the only one of its kind. But that’s not all.

There are many creative ways of making your gift as individualized as possible. Consider whether the wearer is a classy person or an elegant or sassy personality. Personalized gifts have sentimental value because your girlfriend will have memories of you whenever they wear them.

They may one day gift it to their children or grandchildren, and your memories will live for generations. Plan ahead to buy your bestie a high-quality piece that can increase in value over time. Ensure that the components of the jewelry are selected tastefully and meet the standards you want.

Such a gift will be a thoughtful investment that your girlfriend can wear with different outfits. You might be pleasantly surprised that custom-designed jewelry is cheaper than when you buy jewelry from stock pieces. So, in addition to giving a unique piece, you’re going to save some cash, too.

Let’s assume you haven’t interviewed your bestie to understand the kind of jewelry they like. Take pictures of your ideal jewelry, and the designer will create an image for you. They’ll work on the design, adding stones as requested until you’re satisfied.

3. Tattoo Gift Certificate

Suppose your friend has been secretly longing for a tattoo. This is the best time to make one of her dreams come true. You can buy different denominations of a tattoo gift certificate depending on your budget.

What makes a tattoo a great gift is your friend will have it forever. You could ask if she needs your company when the tattoo is done. If it’s your friend’s first tattoo experience, your company and a hand to hold on will be much welcomed.

Even better, consider getting a tattoo with your friend to make the gift even more special. Sharing experiences is one of the best ways of strengthening the bond between you and your girlfriend. In this case, going through the process of choosing what tattoos to get, where on the body to have them drawn, the size, and finally making it through the pain of the needles piercing your skin at high speed to get the ink to hold will make you feel closer than ever before. You’ll cherish that memory forever and probably tell your kids about it someday. If you’re both okay with it and trust that you’ll be in each other life’s forever, you can even take it a step further and get matching tattoos.

What if your bestie already has a tattoo, but regrets getting it? You can get them a certificate for tattoo removal instead. The idea is to get something that will mean the most to your girlfriend.

4. Cosmetic Dentistry Gift Certificate

How about you make your girlfriend’s holidays even brighter? Her smile can sparkle more with a cosmetic dentistry gift certificate. She can use it for a teeth whitening procedure at her convenience.

They can choose between an in-office appointment or a take-home option. Of course, the in-office option will give your friend a brighter smile in only an hour or two. Start by shopping around for the dental practice that has packages that you can purchase as gift certificates.

Narrow down on a few and further consult them. If they’re flexible with the gift options, you may customize your gift certificate to give your friend more value. Pay for the gift card in cash or using your credit card.

You’ll then give your friend’s name so it’s written on the certificate. Your friend will schedule an appointment once you’ve given her the certificate. You can choose from different certificates depending on the cosmetic dentistry procedure you wish your friend to receive.

They may include teeth whitening, installing braces, or any other cosmetic procedure. Alternatively, you can go for an open gift certificate, which doesn’t specify the treatment. This option allows her to choose whatever procedure she wants to be done, including getting inserts such as clear aligners done.

5. A Trip To One Of Their Favorite Restaurants

Eating out is one of the most popular leisure activities nationwide. The holidays are perfect for taking your bestie to their favorite culturally-themed eatery. You know where they’ve wanted to eat out but never got time to go.

Check with the restaurant before your visit to understand the menu and price indications. You don’t want to spend more than you had planned to. Eating out offers an opportunity to savor new culinary experiences without worrying about cleaning up later.

Does your friend fancy Italian meals? Or they’re happy with a Mexican restaurant? Thinking of Thai food? What about sampling a Chinese food restaurant?

The options where you can try authentic foods that would otherwise be painstaking to prepare at home are endless. A Chinese restaurant, for instance, will specialize in preparing unique meals that can be hard to find locally. Most of these culturally themed eateries sell the foods from their nations of origin. They give their guests a taste of a land far away without them having to leave home. Your girlfriend will get to immerse themselves in the culture of another place without really spending anything; what a great way to show you love and appreciate them.

6. Their Favorite Accessories

Get your dear girlfriend a bag to carry their stuff. If she’s the type that is always juggling numerous tasks, a bag that will take in all the things she carries with her, even the kids (just kidding), will suit her right.

How about a gift of a trinket dish to place on their dressing table? You’ll be on her mind whenever your BFF puts in her jewelry at the end of a long day. She will feel your warmth from wherever you are.

How about a pair of socks written something special like Besties? They will love such a small but thoughtful gift. When she wears the socks in the house, you’re assured she will be thinking about you and the memories you’ve made together.

Is your bestie this always-hydrated girl who carries a water bottle everywhere she goes? You could shop for a water bottle and have it written her name. There are numerous choices here. You can opt for the vacuum-insulated brands.

These will keep your friend’s drinks cold or hot. Ensure it has a handle and straw for an easier user experience. If your bestie wears glasses, choose a vintage pair of designer glasses as a gift. Vintage frames are truly unique and timeless. Get a gift certificate to enable your BFF to choose her glasses without worrying too much about the cost implications.

7. A Bunch of Their Favorite Snacks

Your friend’s holiday is just getting started. How about gifting her a sweet jar of homemade healthy peanut butter? What about a gift of a golden milk turmeric paste jar to prepare golden milk?

You could also pack a box of healthy dark chocolate bites. You may mix some delicious chocolates and candies in a gift bundle. Add in some delicious homemade cookies, crackers, and confections. Pack in gourmet cheeses, sausage, and munchies.

Prepare easy cheddar wafers and pack them a week before you can send out the gifts. Wafers and crackers are a classy snack and will make a thoughtful gift. You can also prepare them brownies trifles.

All you’ll do is purchase brownies and whipped cream. You’ll then layer them on individual bottles and close them. Put a sock hat over the jar and a red ribbon for decoration.

8. Movie Tickets

Does your friend love the movies? Or even comedy shows? If there’s a new movie showing, this is the best time to take her to see it. You can buy her a movie gift card or go together. The second option means you’ll pay for your tickets at the door of the movie theater.

Going by the first choice, where you give her a gift card for the movies, means she can choose when to see the movie. She may also choose a different movie based on her preferences. Either way, you’ll get her out of the house to do something fun.

9. A Self-Care Journal

A self-care journal is one of those most thoughtful and personal gifts you can give your dear friend. This is ideally a safe place for your loved one. She can record her thoughts, feelings, and behavior that concerns taking good care of herself. This gift will remind your friend to take a few minutes of their busy day and write down their thoughts. Researchers in the mental health sector report that journaling helps reduce stress and manage anxiety and extremes such as depression.

Consider getting one yourself as you get them this gift. There’s nothing selfish about doing so because both of you will benefit. When you’re in a good place mentally, you’ll relate better. You won’t have too much going on in your mind because you’ll have a healthy way to let it out.

10. Weighted Blanket

Is your friend this indoors kind of person? Do you mostly find her at home binge-watching a series? For your couch potato friend, a furry-weight blanket will do the trick.

The best part is your bestie may use the weighted blanket more than just when lounging and watching movies. If she’s been struggling with sleep, this could be the solution. A weighted blanket during sleep will boost her feel-good chemicals and lower her cortisol levels. This way, her restlessness will be dealt with, allowing her to get a restful sleep.

Choose a color that evokes warmth while serving as a beautiful homepiece. You could become more adventurous and pair this gift with a bottle of her beloved wine, a couple of wine glasses, and a scented candle. These thoughtfully packed gifts will turn your friend’s Friday nights into fancy movie nights.

People enjoy receiving gifts, not only for the magic of something new but for the thoughts the giver put into the gift. A gift strengthens the bonds and closeness of friends. It can also heal past hurts if you’re not on excellent terms. Take advantage of this holiday season to show your girlfriend you treasure their presence in your life.

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