Albert Stumm at the Passyunk Post reports that one of South Philadelphia's most notorious hellscapes is about to get a bit less hellish this summer, with a plan in the works to bump out the curbs a bit in an effort to calm traffic at the intersection of 10th, Reed, and E. Passyunk.


Since our E. Passyunk Avenue sneckdowns post was such a huge hit, I decided to take a trip to West Philadelphia's Lancaster Avenue during our last (and hopefully final!) big snow storm to see where the snow wants us to add safety improvements, and more and better pedestrian amenities.

Admittedly the pedestrian safety situation isn't too bad right now. As you can see in the Philadelphia crash locations map I worked on with Daniel McGlone at Azavea, Lancaster Ave between 34th and 40th didn't see too many pedestrian crashes between 2008 and 2012. Any more than zero crashes is too much, but it wasn't one of the city's major hot spots. You can click on the street segments to see how many pedestrians got hit:


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