That's Conrad on the right. Photo creds to instagrammer @faymeproblems pictured on the left.

Yesterday SEPTA announced that they would continue 24-hour weekend train service for the Broad Street Line Subway and Market-Frankford El indefinitely. This comes after months of testing initiated, in part, by a petition I started in February asking SEPTA to reinstate 24/7 train service for the city’s two biggest transit arteries. The petition received thousands of signatures in just a few weeks time.


Yesterday SEPTA announced that due to the success of the 24-hour weekend Market-Frankford El and Broad Street Line Subway service ‘test period’ this summer that they were going to extend the test until November 2nd. This is a huge win for supporters of late-night public transit, and for all those who signed my #SEPTA247 petition early this year. But why not just extend it indefinitely? 


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