Night Rendering of the Hudson Hotel

Last week the Philadelphia blogosphere erupted when news of a potential development at 17th and Chancellor was announced. Though the current site is an undermaintained parking garage with a façade of retail, loss of Little Pete's, a little gem with an interior from a bygone era, seemed to underscore a deeper sentiment that Philly is losing its character.

Rendering vs. Reality | full renderings below

About a week ago Jon wrote a post about the bleakness that is Penn Center. By the end of the summer, timelines permitting, the city will have a new front yard in the form of a 50 million dollar renovation of Dilworth Plaza. This will transform our image of Philadelphia. Our most monumental of buildings, the great wedding cake of City Hall will have an honorable public space on its west side. But what about the assortment of Ed Bacon modernist meh that proceeds in nearly every direction across from Dilworth?


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