Public Transportation

Statue sez: Venture n'rthward with thy Ford Councilman Clarke!

Last week a Tumblr appeared that seemed to validate all that is wrong with leadership in City Hall. The Tumblr, brilliantly titled "City Hall Parking Lot," includes photos of the northern portion of sidewalk flanking City Hall filled with cars and used as a parking lot. Dilworth Plaza, now fresh from a 50 million dollar KieranTimberlake/OLIN renovation and rechristened Dilworth Park, has a neighbor flanking it that seems to undermine everything it's tying to be.

That's Conrad on the right. Photo creds to instagrammer @faymeproblems pictured on the left.

Yesterday SEPTA announced that they would continue 24-hour weekend train service for the Broad Street Line Subway and Market-Frankford El indefinitely. This comes after months of testing initiated, in part, by a petition I started in February asking SEPTA to reinstate 24/7 train service for the city’s two biggest transit arteries. The petition received thousands of signatures in just a few weeks time.


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