Public-Private Partnership


If you've been following the Philly planning press say in the last 24 hours, you'll see nearly everyone is covering the new Spruce Street Harbor Park launching this Friday down at the Columbus Memorial. There's a lot to love about this summer space including lots of Guatemalan hammocks (much softer than the standard), resuscitated fountains, new lighting, floating gardens built on a substrate that filters Delaware river water, water taxis and a misting area to cool off. In addition several shipping containers are being repurposed to food concessions, an arcade and an information booth. There will also be a bocce court with leauges playing and shuffleboard. 

Open every day until 1 am starting Friday, the space also nicely frames the USS Olympia and will encourage more folks to enjoy the waterfront and the Riverfront stage just a few blocks to the north. With long-term plans to activate the riverfront and a need to take on more permanent infrastructural interventions like capping I-95, the Spruce Street Harbor Park brings much needed amenity down to the Delaware and helps us think differently about how we want to shape development on the river that brought William Penn here and created the city as we know it.

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A sleeker, faster experience in DC's Circulator Buses.

In his inaugural post at This Old City, Devin Turner covered DC and Baltimore bus “Circulator” routes and how they have improved the transit experience for both cities. Circulators have been driving up bus ridership with better design and vehicles, clearly marked and easy to understand routes, regular frequency intervals of 10 minutes and lower cost entry financed by parking taxes.


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