Protected Bike Lanes


Dear Mayor Nutter,

First, we want to sincerely thank you for your prioritization of pedestrian and bicycling safety during your tenure as Mayor of Philadelphia. With the implementation of MOTU, the buffered bike lanes on Spruce and Pine Streets, creating and maintaining over 500 miles of bike lanes, and the coming launch of an equitable bike share, your work will be unforgettable. 

You wanna roll with me?

It's easy to forget our neighbor to the north. Canada, for all her natural splendors, is often overlooked for her urbanity. Less than 7 hours almost directly to the north of Philadelphia is Montréal, Canada's second largest city. Both the city and metro area of Montréal are nearly the same size as Philly: City of Montréal: 1.6 million vs 1.5 in Philly, metro area of Montréal: 3.8 vs 4 million in Philly. Both cities have also found themselves economically struggling in the last half century.


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