Proposed Legislation

PPA Headquarters in the Lit Building at 701 Market Street

The primary goal of This Old City is the improvement of Philadelphia's public space as a means to achieving a more economically vibrant city, to improve public safety and reducing crime, to improve public health by encouraging healthier forms of transportation like walking and cycling, and to improve our environment via innovative forms of infrastructure.

Lots of unused roadway over at the Gray's Ferry Triangles

Earlier today Christine Fisher at PlanPhilly reported about a promising development for those who want more pedestrian plazas, parklets and bike corrals around the City of Philadelphia. Proposed legislation would allow the Streets Department to oversee the application of property owners seeking to repurpose the street in front of their business away from extra road space for cars to amenities for pedestrians and cyclists. 

This proposed legislation comes on the heels of efforts by MOTU (Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities) to encourage the development of more of these pedestrian plazas like those seen at The Porch (30th Street Station) or over at 48th and Baltimore. University City District was behind the success of both of these pedestrian plaza developments. Both sites also included one stakeholder/property owner who needed to provide permission to build.

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