Planning Commission

Zoning classifications for Center City. Remapping for much of Center City has not been completed yet.

When Comcast unveiled its plans for a new skyscraper earlier this year, Council President Darrell Clarke introduced a few bills adjusting the zoning rules for the parcel in question so that Comcast wouldn’t have to go to the zoning board.

Mr. Mayor, tear down these walls!

Our good friends at the Planning Commission gently remind us that there actually is a plan for Thomas Paine Plaza aka Reyburn Plaza (aka The RZA aka the Municipal Services Building Plaza) in the recently adopted Central District Plan (CDP) that would be quite an improvement to that space if only some public space advocacy bloggers would help push that project onto the agenda. 

So let's take a look at what the Central District Plan has in mind for this area (pg 32).

The key point to focus on is that while there is no shortage of pedestrian spaces right around City Hall Square, these spaces feel unconnected to each other due to the auto-oriented design of the place:

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