Land Use

Zoning classifications for Center City. Remapping for much of Center City has not been completed yet.

When Comcast unveiled its plans for a new skyscraper earlier this year, Council President Darrell Clarke introduced a few bills adjusting the zoning rules for the parcel in question so that Comcast wouldn’t have to go to the zoning board.

No Philly politicians seem to care this is happening

The new American Community Survey numbers for 2013 are out, revealing that Philadelphia's population has continued to grow for the third year straight since the 2010 Census. Between 2010 and 2013, we gained an additional 27,000 people - more than during the previous 10 years, and more than the suburbs.

But as with the State of Center City report, the fundamentals look good but our politics still lag far behind the reality on the ground. 


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