Morgan, on the far right, sits with her team.

$5,000 and $500,000. Those are, respectively, how much money we’ve spent building MilkCrate, and how much in donated time and support that’s gone into making this dream a reality.

But no amount of money could ever replace the collaborative nature of Philadelphia’s coworking spaces and meetup groups — creating a vibrant startup culture is far more valuable than any amount of venture capital.


I am running for governor because I want to give Pennsylvania a fresh start  – I want to make the Commonwealth the nation’s “Keystone” for economic growth with its abundant natural resources, vibrant agricultural sector, world class universities and colleges, and its ideal location as the transportation and telecommunications hub between the East Coast, Midwest, and world markets. 

To truly capitalize on Pennsylvania’s ideal location as the connector between the East Coast and Midwest, I know we need to expand our thinking and start planning a 21st century multi-modal, statewide transportation system.

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