PWD replacing water mains along 2100 Kater. No inclusion of utility wires despite the fact that the entire street has been dug up.

Though the city of Philadelphia has made marked strides in the realm of planning under the helm of Mayor Nutter, there are still quite a few thorny issues affecting Philadelphia’s public space that have not been addressed. For a perfect example, we need look no further than the 2100 and 2200 blocks of Kater Street in Graduate Hospital.


Moyamensing Avenue runs through much of South Philly and as one of the city's widest avenues with a lower traffic throughput, offers ample opportunity for additional uses. While it is split between 4th and 5th, Snyder and Jackson, it manages to morph from a principal neighborhood thoroughfare to a quiet street, to a handsome greenway. Today it is little more than an overly wide parking lot. It needn't be.


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