We're doing it wrong

Last week we talked about how the land value tax - basically the property tax, but with a higher millage rate for land than buildings - would complement a pro-walkability agenda of reduced car ownership, increased mode share for transit and active transportation, taller buildings in expensive transit-served areas, and less parking blight in Center City and the appreciating neighborhoods surrounding it.

This week, we'll discuss how LVT fits into a broad tax reform agenda aimed at making the city core a more competitive location for new residential and office construction than the southeast PA and southwest NJ suburbs.

Just one of many scandalously undertaxed Center City parking craters

Rolling Stone's Jesse Myerson has ignited a fun debate over Five Economic Reforms Millenials Should Be Fighting For to reduce wealth inequality, with conservative bloggers tripping over each other to denounce Myerson's ideas as Communist, and liberal bloggers pointing out that most are quite banal and sensible when you strip away the political rhetoric. 

The "communist" charge is especially amusing, considering that one of Myerson's proposals - the land value tax - was once derided by Karl Marx himself as "capitalism's last ditch."

Here's the excerpt from the Rolling Stone piece:


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