Complete Streets


You may remember that a few days after Jon wrote his epic sneckdown post that got 40,000 facebook likes and renewed a buzz for snow as a tool for placemaking, that I wrote a post about Philly's pedestrian plaza initiative. To briefly summarize my post, proposed legislation formalizing the city's pedestrian plaza program originally created by MOTU would mean a street could be converted to a pedestrian plaza if they apply through the Streets Department. This legislation has not yet passed but a 100% rule was originally put in place during the first round of pedestrian plaza applications spearheaded by MOTU. It was put there for a variety of reasons (i.e. legal, political), but has effectively prevented some great projects like the Grays Ferry Triangle at 23rd & South and the 5th, South & Passyunk Plaza from ever making it past the drawing board. Getting 100% of anyone to agree on anything in the NIMBY world of planning is nearly impossible.


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