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Grays Ferry Triangle at 23rd & South

During the summer we released a Mayoral Platform Preview to help steer the debate of Philadelphia's mayoral race next year. Selecting new leadership is vital to our future as a city. Helping potential leadership to focus on issues that matter means we have a stake in who gets elected and those candidates will need to answer to their supporters when setting policy goals and new agendas.

Federal guidance on these types of interventions change the tone.

Earlier this week, Streetsblog reported that the US Department of Transporation (DOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will be making major updates to their guidance and standards regarding cycling infrastructure. Specifically, the US DOT will be updating the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), the national standard that traffic engineers use to build new and to modify existing roadways to meet common safety criteria. The MUTCD is a lengthy and detailed document that ensures roads in the United States follow common standards for signage, spacing of lanes and the balancing of different users of the street. Though roads and streets do vary in the United States in regards to their scale and design (think jughandles in New Jersey), for the most part roads follow common signage and design standards. 


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