Central Delaware Overlay


Late last week one more of Philadelphia's disused and decaying piers (Pier 53) was reborn as Washington Avenue Pier and opened to the public. Quite different from prior waterfront interventions like Race Street Pier in the shadow of the Ben Franklin Bridge, Washington Avenue Pier is informal, undulating and natural focusing on the ecology of the Delaware rather than the urbanity of the city. It follows on the heels of habitat restoration and waterfront trail construction DRWC and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection have been developing for several years now. Prior projects have laid the groundwork for Washington Avenue Pier

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If you travel up the Delaware past the failed condos south of Sugar House Casino, past Penn Treaty Park, past the PECO power station and the overgrown weed-filled lots to the north, you'll find a grouping of cars parked outside a overgrown single lane road with a chain preventing access. Park there and follow the road. You'll find a wonderfully odd amalgam of grit, grime, graffiti, and groups of people that have claimed a forgotten space as their own.


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