Bicycle Policy


Philadelphia's future from an urban planning and public space perspective is inextricably tied to cycling. Replanning our city in support of safer, better cycling satisfies a host of urban planning goals like increasing mobility, improving public health, addressing sustainability, making our streets safer, and economically injecting more money into our local economy. We are excited to announce that a new print publication will be debuting January 30th to fast-forward Philly's cycling future. 

A movable jersey wall in Vancouver protects simply and quickly.

 Parked cars, door zones, plastic hit posts, potted plants, curbs, bioswales. What do all of these things have in common? They are all methods to protect bike lanes from moving cars. Some of these methods are quicker to implement than others. Plastic hit posts are perhaps the quickest to implement and would reduce, though not prevent cars from entering bike lanes. They are cheap, easy to replace, but provide the least amount of protection.


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