SPOKE Magazine Preview: How Parents are Training the Next Generation of Cyclists


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Philadelphia's future from an urban planning and public space perspective is inextricably tied to cycling. Replanning our city in support of safer, better cycling satisfies a host of urban planning goals like increasing mobility, improving public health, addressing sustainability, making our streets safer, and economically injecting more money into our local economy. We are excited to announce that a new print publication will be debuting January 30th to fast-forward Philly's cycling future. 

SPOKE magazine will be a quarterly print publication focusing specifically on Philadelphia cycling. SPOKE will focus a variety of cycling-related issues like policy & politics, funding, and commuter issues. Future contributors include folks who have written for other local publications, including This Old City contributor Jon Geeting. There will be featured illustrations by Tim Pacific, photography by Justin Durner and cover art by local artist Hawk Krall. In order to bring this publication to you, they need your help. SPOKE is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign that closes in 11 days. 

For a preview of the quality and depth of the reporting you can expect out of SPOKE, take a look at one the articles to be featured in their January issue. Alex Vuocolo, co-founder of SPOKE magazine, delves into the world of family cycling and its importance to Philadelphia's future. Here at This Old City we've recognized the importance of familes by hosting op-ed advocacy by Dena Driscoll and Marni Duffy. Alex goes deeper and spotlights what Dena, Marni and others are doing to ensure our cycling future is filled with children, not just thirty-somethings on fixies. 

Journalism is not free. It takes lots of time, effort and passion. We're happy to share that passion with you. Here's a preview of what SPOKE magazine will bring to the table. Please consider supporting their mission. If this is a sign of what's to come in 2015, Philly's cycling future promises to be bright and promising.


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Last Updated: Tuesday, 09 December 2014 @ 08.57
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