PHOTOS: The New Cement Boardwalk Over the Schuylkill Will Be Awesome and Will Be Here Forever

Western sun setting over CHOP and Smilow.

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On an almost balmy Saturday with Philadelphians still weary from the longest winter anyone can remember, we captured some of the future greatness of the cement boardwalk extension of the Schuylkill River Trail. Soon this path will carry folks from South Street and the proposed monolithic wall of institutional bland that is CHOP's proposed Schuylkill project we wrote about here northward towards Center City.

Initial impressions: the trail is going to be awesome and it's going to be here forever. ONWARD to the photos (click them to enlarge) >>>

Looking towards the Future CHOP site from the South Street Bridge.
These integrated ramps are like heaven for cyclists... especially ones with non racing bikes like me.
Tagged section of the new South Street Bridge.
Southern entrance to the boardwalk.
Looking back at the to be demolished JFK Vocational School
The green rebar is where the path is being widened off of the original framing. You'll see U shaped rebars that this ties into in subsequent photos.
Look at that pretty city. I <3 Philly.
Looking towards CIRA and future graduate student housing.
The access ramp leading to the north side of the South Street Bridge.
The view towards the east.
The view towards the west.
U shaped rebar to tie a widened platform into.
Luxury views for days.
Floating above the water.
Watch your step.
Serious piling going on.
The view towards the raised CSX crossing. I still don't like how this thing interrupts the viewshed. Tunnel anyone?
One last shot showing the midway cut out for access to the large South Street Bridge ramp.
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