The Morning Commute: May 4, 2015


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 Greetings readers. Check out our linkage from over the weekend:

1. Over 40,000 sets of feet took over Broad Street yesterday in Philadelphia's Broad Street Run. 

2. The Inky editorial board has given its favor for former State Senator Anthony Williams for the Democratic nominee for mayor. Newsworks reports that some think that this had something to do with the newspaper's ownership. Seems likely...

3. Another large Philly publication, Philadelphia Magazine, is throwing their support behind former City Councilman Jim Kenney for the position. But they have some reservations, similar to the thoughts noted in the Inquirer article. 

4. On that topic, how could the police department change and create better ties with its local community members with a new mayor in charge?

5. Is the city really building a prison on Delaware River waterfront property? Why? This seems like a missed opportunity for riverfront development. 

6. Philadelphia 19th century, 3-story architecture should not be trampled by a 38 foot new building. Hopefully Powelton Village is successful in preserving its character. There are better ways to add density than this plan. 

7. What would a new Philadelphia monument look like? What could this city create that Philadelphians, as a whole, would find inspiration from? Monument Lab is engaging the city to find that out. 

8. The East Coast Greenway, at least where it exists in Pennsylvania, is coming together. It seems like new segments are completed every year. Newsworks did a special on the project as an equivalent to an urban, or at least civilized, Appalachian Trail. 

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