The Morning Commute: May 18, 2015


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Hello readers. Here's a new round of links for this great Monday:

1. The FRA has told Amtrak to implement Positive Train Control on the northeast corridor, though it's not clear if this will really change the timeline of when they will be finished with the project anyway without an increase in funding to do so. 

2. SEPTA and Amtrak will be reopening the corridor to all trains today. 

3. Last week, Philadelphia was rated the tenth most bikable city in the country. Not bad but we can do better!

4. Philadelphia set a new record in tourism. We may not have great job growth, but we do have visitors! 

5. This is what happens when you over-regulate the Airbnb market. Philadelphia would be wise not to follow Santa Monica's model.

6. Here's an update on Google's self-driving car. Pretty amazing how quickly this technology has moved forward. 

7. 60% of Dallas residents report they have given up using plastic bags for their groceries, likely due to a 5 cent tax on each bag. How is Dallas, of all places, ahead of the city that is both starved for increased funding of its programs, and one that is aspiring to be the country's "greenest city?"

8. Inga Saffron makes a compelling and crucial argument that the city's 10-year tax abatement law is a blunt tool and one that needs refining. Preservation has taken a back seat, and while some areas of the city have seen massive revitalization and infill development, many lag behind or have even taken steps backward. It's time for the city and necessarily, the state, to take on this problem. 

 9. How is Philly's brand new bikeshare program doing? Here's a comparison with other programs. 

10. Redlining and other forms of real estate racism helped create the segregated cities we now live in. Today, some developers are continuing to contribute to that terrible legacy. 

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