The Morning Commute: March 30, 2015


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Good Monday, everyone. Please use the following links to update your mind:

1. Philadelphia's challenges are many and larger than any immediate answer. We all may get bogged down in the depressing facts about the city if we allow ourselves to. But we must allow ourselves a moment of optimism. 

2. Where jobs are located continuously changes. Unfortunately, over the past decade, job locations in the US have moved away from urban, lower income areas, and toward exurban areas. This isn't surprising but could the trend be turning around?

3. New restaurants opening up around the city. Check them out!

4. As expected, Aldi will be replacing many of the shuttered Bottom Dollar supermarket locations around the region. Aldi had bought Bottom Dollar last year and shut down the entire operation soon after. You can see a list of the stores that are reopening here. Those that will not be reopening as Aldi stores will be leased out to other retailers. 

5. SEPTA is talking about where it will spend money on capital improvements for 2016. And they're talking about new bi-level regional rail cars!

6. Whilte it may seem like millenials are changing the demographics of US cities (specifically northern, dense ones), their movement is still overshadowed by the larger US migration to the non-cities of the southern part of the country which continue to grow at faster speeeds. What's behind this movement? 

7. Here's a cool new app which shows you each option for transit that is in your immediate location. It's only in use in New York, though. 

8. How proximity to the city center decides where housing growth has been most common over the past century. 

9. Transportation affordability is key to an equitable city. 

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