The Morning Commute: March 17, 2015

Tom Scannapieco talks 500 Walnut in front of the model of the building at his groundbreaking last Thursday. Slated opening for the building, spring 2017.

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Tuesday already? Yes indeed. Here are some great links for the dullest day of the week.


1) A skyscraper that casts no shadows? Possible. Now what will NIMBYs complain about?

2) Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day obnoxious drunkenness day, you can now buy 12 packs from beer distributors rather than 24 or more. Finally.

3) Wanna meet some Philly Instagrammers, check out the World Wide Instameet happening at Woodlands Cemetary this Saturday

4) If Councilwoman at Large Blondell Reynolds Brown really wants to clean our streets and eliminate "Filthadelphia," she'd propose regular street sweeping. Trash cans like the frequency she is proposing will cost more money, more labor, and ultimately not solve the problem of street trash like regular street sweeping will. We applaud her efforts for addressing quality of life issues that have plagued the city for generations, but it's time for Philadelphia to rejoin her east coast counterparts by sweeping her streets regularly.

5) Beyond the row home: some very creative residential architecture out of Japan. Not exactly child-proof though. ;)

6) Field Operations, the firm behind the High Line's masterful design, was selected to design Miami's "Underline," a bike path underneath the elevated metro in South Florida. It's a long way off but we're looking forward to what should be, a stellar design. We could think of a few underlines here in Philly. 25th Street Elevated Freight Tracks in South Philly perhaps? A man can dream right?

7) Widely shared but well worth sharing again. You've heard us harp about needing protected bike lanes here in Philly a lot on here and the Twitters. Here's why, reasons from all over the US and world

8) Here's what long-range planning for protected bike lanes looks like out of Vancouver, planning gem of the Pacific Northwest.

9) A detailed, nationwide study on why people who want to, but aren't currently cycling, aren't cycling. There are some really great nuances of responses between various groups throughout the US. There is also clear consensus. Every group within a national survey of thousands of adults wanted more protected bike lanes. Every single group.

10) FRA is telling freight rail companies to do more to protect communities from oil train explosions. Let's hope that's enough. We're transporting tons of explosive fossil fuel products through the City of Philadelphia every single day.

BONUS: Something to make your heart warm up: People on bikes in Istanbul using their two wheels to deliver soup to homeless in need


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