The Morning Commute: June 8, 2015

Surface parking lots: a really terrible use of downtown property.

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Good morning all! Architecture (both good and bad), historic preservation, and other stories below. Check them out!

1. Here's a bunch of well-known architects defending some of the world's most hated architecture. 

2. The Urban Land Institute has nominated 6 urban spaces for this year's Urban Open Space Award. Check out the nominations!

3. Jim Saksa provides comic relief as well as a great explanation for why bus stops have concrete sections in front of them. 

4. This past week saw a lot of drama surrounding the location of a beer garden in Point Breeze, South Philly. Where does the role of community input come into play here? How can this type of situation be avoided?

5. More on that issue of gentrification in Point Breeze...

6. A reminder from Hidden City that we cannot take our historical architectural resources for granted. They're only here if we invest in them. The City's historic preservation laws are not strong enough. Let's hope a new mayor (who has voiced concern for the city's historic gems) can make a change for the positive. 

7. More on the above problem generally, and the demolition of St. Laurentius church, specifically: "Certainly, Philadelphia's archdiocese is stuck with far more buildings than it can use. But it's dispiriting that it has taken to treating their disposition as purely a business problem, compounding the community trauma brought on by the closings of so many churches and schools."

8. City Council is considering increasing the tax on parking in the city. This would do multiple positive things for the city: increase the incentive for property owners to develop lots into housing and other more productive uses, encourage commuters to use public transit to move themselves in and out of the city, and, of course, increase available funding for the city's schools and other public services. 

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