Morning Commute: June 30, 2014

Derping on a pretty mural

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Did you make it out to the Spruce Street Harbor Park this weekend? Let's make this an open thread for your observations. Here's your Monday urbanism news:

1) The PA budget is looking like another all-cuts budget, with Philly school funding held hostage to non-budget priorities.

2) Pennsylvanians "scratching their heads" over Toomey's anti-bike/ped proposal.

3) Some jabroni painted over the Kurt Vile mural. Treat yourself to my favorite Kurt Vile song.

4) CAPA high school gets a planning grant from Community Design Collaborative to transform its front yard on Broad Street.

5) CyclePhilly app has logged more than 5000 trips. Use it!

6) Philly spends its airport car rental fees on stadium subsidies; Pittsburgh spends theirs on improving public transit.

7) Newsworks has an update on the Lower Northwest comp plan.

8) PPA only charges $500 at most to convert a public shared parking space to a private one.

9) Wonkblog gets one wrong: What's good about public parking spaces is that they're shared. But the "sharing" needs to be more like an auction, and that's why MonkeyParking is awesome. If people want local gov't to get the money, why not just tax it away from MonkeyParking?

10) MontCo Commissioner Leslie Richards will head DVRPC.

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