The Morning Commute: June 25, 2014


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Good morning Philadelphia! Here is your morning urbanism news.

1) PA House and Senate still far apart on the budget.

2) The American Society of Civil Engineers says not doing this wasteful highway widening boondoggle yet is precisely the sort of thing that earned PA a "D" grade on transportation infrastructure maintenance.

3) Speaking of wasteful boondoggles, PennDOT is now willing to have a cuddlier private meeting about their immovable plan to destroy the Philly waterfront.

4) Why late night SEPTA service should be free.

5) A surface parking lot in Chinatown owes $2.5 million in delinquent taxes. Add the broken tax collection system to the list of driver subsidies.

6) PA rail safety legislation still stuck in the Senate.

7) Bill Shuster, the US House transportation chairman from western PA, loves CMU's autonomous cars.

8) The Doleys keep rocking it with streetscape improvements in Germantown.

9) The median age of housing in every US zipcode, visualized. Takeaway: we aren't building enough new housing.

10) Amtrak will begin welcoming bikes on long-distance routes.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 June 2014 @ 06.56
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Jon Geeting is a Philadelphia-based freelance journalist and policy researcher. His writing also appears at Next City, Primary Colors, and Keystone Politics, where he covers politics and elections, land use and transportation, and urban economic policy. He also writes a monthly Political Machine column at Philly City Paper.