The Morning Commute: June 1, 2015


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Happy June everyone! Stay cool out there. It seems Spring has long been over even though it hasn't started. 

1. A great list of Philadelphia's 25 most beautiful streets, curated by Philadelphia Magazine. 

2. Philadelphia's neoclassical architecture is around every corner. Inga points out an example. 

3. Speed bumps (not humps) have been installed around auto-oriented areas of Philadelphia. Jim Saksa explains why they look so funny and how they're engineered for emergency first-responders.

4. It's time for a well thought-out regional plan for Camden... and South Jersey generally. With revitalization active across Center City Philadelphia and its nearby neighborhoods, policymakers should be much more purposeful to take advantage of new opportunities for growth.

5. For some reason, Council President Clarke's plan for restructuring the planning commission, L&I and a few other departments of the government under one umbrella "planning and development" organization is still moving forward in City Council even though plenty of commentators have not understood why the change was necessary in the first place. What is really going on here?

6. University City District's The Porch 2.0 debuted this past week. The street furniture is nice and all but it's a tough location due to its proximity to so many lanes of heavily trafficked roads (Market Street, namely) and little residentail population in the immediate vicinity. Over time, hopefully that will change. 

7. We should not assume our political problems are permanent. Things were different in the past and they will change in the future. 

8. When we talk about millenials and urban revitalization, what we're really saying is...

9. Kensington is one of Philadelphia's most notorious neighborhoods, known for its extreme drug, violent crime, and harsh poverty. And yet some market-rate developers have planned for its slow but steady change. 

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