The Morning Commute: July 3, 2014

Look at that ridership

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It's the last day of work! For the holiday weekend, and for me, here at This Old City. Geoff will be taking over the Morning Commute from this point forward, and I will be moving to an undisclosed location you'll all hear about on Monday. I'll still be engaged with TOC initiatives we're cooking up behind the scenes, but will be a less frequent presence on the blog. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone, and thanks for your passion for world class urbanism in Philadelphia.

1) Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto promises the PUC a fight over ride-share cease and desist. Hearing that Erin Molchany, Wayne Fontana, and Brian Sims and others are working on a legislative solution to override them - a "transportation network" classification in the PUC code.

2) Mariella Segarra looks at how brewpubs can save neighborhoods. To be read as a case for unwinding PA's county quota system.

3) Most transit riders ride the bus. Why doesn't the SEPTA map include color-coded high frequency routes?

4) Duncan Black reminds us of that time in the not-too-distant past that a ward leader held up the reinstatement of the 15 trolley for a year over a dozen illegal parking spaces.

5) In any other city this food truck explosion would be a pretext for an unrelated protectionist crackdown on food trucks.

6) #TBT: CNU's John Norquist makes the case for knocking down I-95 in Philly.

7) Conrad Benner is excellent on "embracing the space."

8) Liz Spikol vs. the Gehry haters. Best line: "It should be noted that Katrina was not Gehry’s fault.."

9) Urban Geek Drinks regular Tim Wisniewski totally hot-dogging it, is Philly's new Chief Data Officer.

10) The lesson from SF Park is that performance parking works when you let the prices float and don't arbitrarily cap them.

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